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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Not Ready For Swimsuit Season...NO PROBLEM!

Sure, it's a bit early to be worried about getting into swimsuits, but with the warm weather I've found myself having this conversation several times already.  On the upside, there is time to get it together and work on getting your body in "shape".  While it doesn't hurt to work out, nobody is perfect though, and like me, maybe you're realizing that your body just isn't as cooperative at 35+ as it was at 29.  That being the case, I've found the perfect solution.

I've always been a two piece girl.  Maybe it's because that's what my mom always put me in when I was little, but mostly it's two reasons of my own.  My superficial reason is I've never had a white tummy and I just can't bring myself to start having one now.  My fit reason is my torso is REALLY long so one piece swimsuits don't fit...if you know what I mean ;o).  For the last couple years I have toyed with the idea of getting a tankini (tank top fitting top with a bikini bottom) since I find myself playing with more and more kids on the beach and boating.  I have yet to go that route but I came across one in my Sundance Catalog recently that really caught my eye.  Their Ipanema Mosaic Tankini has all the details I consider slimming.  The bikini bottoms are cut right across the hip, solid brown with patterned top band that distracts from unwanted attention to the abdomen, and wide 5" or so long patterned ties that hang against the thighs creating the illusion of long toned legs.  The tankini top is your basic slight v-neck tank silhouette bringing the right amount of attention to the bust line but, it's the print that is the real WOW factor.  It's a beautiful mosaic that creates curves and distraction without looking busy and loud.  This tankini is a real head turner.  It's striking and flattering in every way possible and more.  I may just breakdown and get it because I like it so much...and since the top is a tank I can pull it up under my bust for tummy tanning :o).

Just my own personal FYI, since I'm giving my two cents about what makes a swimsuit flattering, unless you are ultra tan and/or have the perfect body, black (whether it's a one or two piece) is NOT the way to go.  On pale skin it's the worst but on any body it practically disappears and makes all your skin stand out.  Prints are best.  Side ties that hang against the thigh are a must in my book.  And finally, believe it or not, browns, whites, oranges, and greens are the most flattering colors on everyone.  Tan or pale, these colors complement any skin tone.

Now, get ready to hit the beach...and don't forget your SUNSCREEN!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Get Growing!

Last year I didn't plant vegetables until the beginning of June.  At that time, I planted small plants and hoped they would provide me with a reasonable harvest.  They did not.  By the time my, one or two, peppers started getting larger, and my measly cucumber became a couple bites worth it was September and the sun had moved for the season leaving my finally flourishing veggies shaded and cool.  This will not happen to me this year!

On a warm day this past February I decided it was time to take action.  My plan was to successfully grow the vegetables I buy the most and do so inexpensively.  Taking the shortcut and buying small plants was not an option.  So, a week ago today I planted cucumbers, radishes, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, green beans, bell peppers, and snap peas in little peet cups that will serve as fertilizer when I plant them directly into my garden next month.  Delightfully, I already have some little sprouts!  The weather has been amazingly warm and sunny this past week so I have been able to keep my little ones outside during the day to reap all the benefits of the sun.  At night, since they are just on a cookie sheet (thanks to my co-worker, Kim, for that tip), I bring them inside and put them on the stove.  Yes, the stove.  Naturally, you would think I would put them on the counter but last year my husband, Kris tried to start some seeds on the counter and windowsill and our three little kittens nearly lost their residency because they nibbled all his sprouts while we slept.

Now is the perfect time to start your garden and do it economically.  With a few peet cups, bag of seed starter soil, seeds of your choice, cookie sheet, and a couple of minutes you can be on your way to a summer of fresh, homegrown vegetables.  Include your kids in the process.  They'll love getting dirty, watching the magic of growing things they planted, and most of all, eating veggies they grew and harvested!  I can't think of many things more satisfying and delightful than watching tiny seeds in dirt become green shoots and then food.